Harry Potter: 10 niche memes that only real fans will get


Few other franchises have reached the heights of popularity and fandom that Harry Potter managed to achieve (unsuccessful spin-offs or not). movies that only loyal fans will remember and recognize.

The internet is always hard at work creating memes about Harry Potter and his exploits, and some of these memes are quite niche. Only keen-eyed fans will be able to recall the references and connections of these memes with the “Boy-Who-Survived”.

He said, calmly

For the uninitiated, this abbreviation means “Harry Potter, did you put your name in the Goblet of Fire?” “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” can be summarized with a meme about Dumbledore shouting at Harry because he put his name in the Goblet, but few people can decipher the string only by the first letters.

No matter how careless the word “wyd” was in textual etiquette, Dumbledore’s tirade was the exact opposite of it. His passion and anger were quite impressive (and unlike the calm presentation of his book counterpart), and sometimes people just need the energy that the great wizard showed in the fourth part.

Seamus and fireworks

True fans will look not only into the main characters of Harry Potter, but also notice the antics of a certain Mr. Finnigan in the background. Poor Seamus had a hard time with magic, and almost always ended up with pyrotechnics instead of miracles when he used his wand.

There was always a trace of fiery destruction after the wizard, even when he tried to turn water into rum, where the fire element did not even participate.

Just a couple of animagi

Looters were a big part of the book, and to a lesser extent in the movies. To the untrained eye, this image is just a cute dog lying with a deer in the snow, but for a real Potterhead it has more meaning.

All the marauders were animagi and werewolves: Remus, Peter the rat, James the deer and Sirius the dog. The colors may not be as accurate as in the books, but this scene looks like a moment between James and Sirius in their animagus forms.


Casual fans call Harry and Ginny or Ron and Hermione their favorite Harry Potter couples, but many forget what a powerful couple Umbridge and Filch were, no matter how disgusting their partnership was.

Even their paired names sound pretty ugly, as do all their actions to suppress and control the students and staff of Hogwarts. In Umbridge Filch really found an accomplice to the crime, who supported his calls for corporal punishment and archaic rules. However, they ruled Hogwarts for a while.

The Magic version of the Pinky Promise

Muggles can trigger Pinky’s promise in the blink of an eye, but Potterheads should know that the version of the promise of the wizarding world to each other was very different, very magical and very dangerous if broken.

The unbreakable oath was an easily forgotten, but very important part of the series, because Snape made it with Narcissa. Having done this, the one who took the oath was bound by life: if they did not fulfill their promise, they were threatened with certain death, which was quite a serious obligation!

The Missing Weasley

Book lovers would surely have noticed the glaring absence of the Weasley family on the screen — Charlie Weasley. Weasley’s older brother was an important member of the family and even vital to the plot of the dragon Norbert and Hagrid, but he never made it to the screen.

The creators of the film really forgot or overlooked Charlie, and keen-eyed fans keenly felt the fans of Brother Weasley.

The Basilisk Effect

This clever meme combines the best of “The Chamber of Secrets” with Gloria Gaynor’s hit “I Will Survive.” Only real Harry Potter fans will be able to understand the real lyrics and the reference to the Petrification faced by the victim of the Basilisk.

The most important thing is for keen-eyed fans to remember that Hermione and the gang “survived” only because they caught a glimpse of the snake through the reflections in the water and lenses, otherwise they would have died.

Unbiased Fred and George

At first glance, this meme makes little sense until fans realize that it was Fred and George who had the Marauder Card long before Harry.


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