Harry Potter: 10 Fun Facts About Hogwarts Castle


Harry Potter has become one of the most successful film franchises in the history of cinema. The 8 films released by Warner Bros between 2001 and 2011 attracted millions of people to movie theaters around the world, generating a legion of fans who worship the fantasy story to this day.

However, some issues are still unknown to the public, as they were only revealed years after the end of the saga. Thus, we brought 10 fun facts about Hogwarts castle for those who always wanted to attend school of magic and witchcraft.

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10. Hufflepuff has a living room

That Hufflepuff is one of the four houses of Hogwarts, everyone already knows. However, a peculiarity that always caught the attention of fans was the fact that the common room of the house was never shown or commented on in the movies or in books.

However, some time later, the author behind the work revealed that the room is located in the castle’s basements, behind the magical kitchens of Hogwarts. In addition, JK Rowling said the place has comfortable armchairs and plant-filled decor.

9. Doors, windows and rooms can pop up when needed

Who has never wished to have a magic wand to change the look or functionality of the house without any difficulty? Well, that happens in the world of Harry Potter effortlessly and can be seen by watching the franchise’s films. Commonly, it is possible to verify that the doors, windows and even rooms of the castle are in different places from previous scenes and movies, indicating that changes are being made to meet new demands.

8. Hundreds of Elves work daily in the castle

For the magic to happen and for everything to go as it should, hundreds of Elves work daily cleaning, feeding and organizing Hogwarts. Although not covered in a broad way in movies and books, it is possible to have some approach to this story through the character Dobby, who won the hearts of many fans.

7. Hogsmeade has leisure attractions

As seen in the Harry Potter films, Hogsmeade is very important to the Hogwarts context, mainly because, during the books and movies, we follow the characters visiting the village and discovering new leisure options, which include convenience stores and haunted houses. Also, it’s worth remembering that the hogwarts express passes through the small town before arriving from the school of witchcraft and magic.

6. Nobody knows for sure the height of Hogwarts

An old tweet by JK Rowling said that Hogwarts Castle has 7 floors and about 142 stairs. However, as things work a little differently in the world of magic, the dimensions are nothing like what we have in the real world. This leads fans of the franchise to estimate that each floor has its own universe and particularities, meaning that the height of the building cannot be estimated in numbers.

5. Hogwarts Castle can act on its own

Despite the fact that it is not covered in the Harry Potter films and books, Hogwarts is much more than a jumble of rocks and building materials. Apparently, the castle has magical powers that allow it to act in emergency situations that put the lives of teachers and students at risk.

4. Only those belonging to Hogwarts can see the castle

Another way to protect Hogwarts from attacks and invasions found by the wizards was through a spell cast over the entire castle, which made anyone outside the school who views the site to see only a field full of irregularities and ruins.

3. Hogwarts was built by a wizard

You may wonder why Hogwarts has so many secrets hidden throughout its corridors and rooms. One explanation for this is that the castle was built by a wizard together with the four famous founders of the school.

This meant that some details of the place, such as the existence of the secret camera, were known only to the character, who never had a space in the story covered.

2. Is Hogwarts submerged or not?

Many theories about Hogwarts and other Harry Potter constructions have been created by the public and one of them is whether or not the castle is submerged under magical waters. The truth is that part of the construction is under the waters of Black Lake,

that surrounds the building. A great example of a room is the Slytherin room, whose lighting is affected by the turbid, choppy waters of the dangerous lake.

1. The castle has numerous secret entrances

Over the course of all the movies and books released, about 8 secret entries were counted that the characters discovered in various conflicting situations. However, according to the Screen Rant website, it appears that the castle has even more entrances and emergency exits than were ever approached by JK Rowling. Thus, this new role is under the responsibility of the generations of wizards who came after the end of the story.

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