Harry Potter: 10 characters who made the most magical first impression, according to Ranker


With the release of Fantastic Beasts: The Secrets of Dumbledore, fans are still getting acquainted with brilliant magical characters who leave a strong first impression. The world that was so carefully created by J.K. Rowling has favorite personalities that are interesting and interesting to all viewers, and Ranker voters still remember seeing their favorite characters from the magical world for the first time.

First impressions of magical characters consistently hint at their personalities and often foreshadow their future involvement in the narrative. From the irritable Dursleys to the house elf Dobby, fans quickly understand who Harry is dealing with from the very beginning. Getting to know new characters is just as exciting as watching them develop throughout the series.

Hermione imagines herself on the Hogwarts Express

Hermione Granger made a classic first impression when she bumped into Harry and Ron during their first trip to Hogwarts. Being an impatient Muggle-born, she was delighted with everything related to magic. Her first communication with the boys showed that she was too successful and a know-it-all, which her peers did not like.

Hermione is a vivid example of the potential of a young and intuitive wizard or witch. Because of her excitement and diligent efforts, she mastered the basic spells long before her fellows. Hermione’s opening scene was an accurate representation of the legacy she would receive in the series.

Dumbledore with his deluminator on Privet Drive

As one of the most powerful and mysterious wizards of the series, Dumbledore’s first appearance on Privet Drive revealed the role he would play for Harry later in his life. He walked down the street, taking a lantern with him, and began an unforgettable journey for Harry Potter and all the viewers.

Dumbledore’s use of the deluminator is a harbinger of an important life lesson in the Harry Potter series of books related to light. He once said, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times…”, which recalls the dark night when he left Harry on the doorstep of the Dursleys. Dumbledore knew that Harry was the greatest light and chance for happiness for the wizarding world.

Ron Weasley on Platform 9 3/4

Harry’s first real acquaintance with a loving family was the Weasleys, who made an unforgettable impression on the lost protagonist. Ron and Molly helped Harry get to Platform 9 3/4, and from that moment Ron became his best friend and guide in everything related to magic.

The first interaction between the boys established mutual respect and loyalty, which carried friendship through the mythical series. Ron’s patience and open arms opened Harry a new reality of living with caring friends. His zeal gave Harry hope for what his future might be.

The trio meets Sirius Black in the Shrieking Hut

Sirius Black had one of the most memorable debuts in the series due to a false representation. His real qualities could not be further from the villain-killer, as he was portrayed by the media and the magical world. The moment when the trio put everything together and realized that Sirius was a black dog instantly changed the narrative.

As the audience learned, Gloomy, whose likeness was a black dog, was an omen of death. Sirius Black’s whole life was filled with traumas caused by the death of his loved ones and closest friends. His first appearance clearly demonstrated his skills as a wizard and the darkness in which he had been drowning for more than a decade.

Bellatrix Lestrange after meeting Harry and Neville

The terrible things that Bellatrix did in the magical world left an indelible mark on the people around her and on those who watched. There were very few things that scared her or could derail her efforts in dark magic. Lestrange’s first communication with Harry and his friends showed her wild and angry character without restraint.

Her hostile comments about Harry and references to Neville’s parents, whom she made go crazy, showed her cruel and immoral nature. Throughout the series, her magical abilities and vicious tendencies continued to have an extremely negative effect on the people around her.

The drama of Professor Snape

The first impression of Severus Snape, which lasted the entire series, eventually led to one of the greatest plot twists. Rowling should have offered. The man who would one day become famous as a hero initially seemed to be a greasy, embittered and cynical antagonist. From the first day of the Hogwarts semester, Snape summoned Harry for no reason and became the sworn enemy of the Chosen One.

There are many Snape quotes that help illustrate his character better than in the movies.