Harry Potter: 1 hour of cut scenes finally revealed!


1 hour of cut scenes from the Harry Potter film finally revealed!

Indeed, a 1 hour video has just been released! This brings together all the cut scenes from the Harry Potter saga.

It’s also a fan of the film who shared the video. Indeed, he took the time to find all of the cut scenes from Harry Potter and share them with the rest of the fans.

Even years after the saga ended, important scenes resurfaced a few days ago. Indeed, a video of a scene cut from the 7th film of the saga circulates on the networks.

So it didn’t take more for fans of the saga to make them want to see more. So that’s why a 1 hour video of cut scenes from the film that was released on YouTube.


We thus find in the video cut passages of the film Harry Potter. If some are unimportant, others will surely make you change your mind about certain characters!

This Accio Potterheads YouTube account is the source of this compilation. It thus brings together scenes that the directors of the film have chosen not to keep.

There are then anecdotal scenes. You will discover scenes from the School of Wizards, the Prisoner of Azkaban or even relics of Death part 2.

Other scenes will surprise Harry Potter fans more! Indeed, some passages show for example another facet of Ron.

Indeed, he is smarter, more courageous and also more attentive towards his two comrades. Other passages show more sensitive characters.

This is the case of Dudley who expresses his affection for Harry. But also the Dursey family!

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Besides, you will surely think that certain scenes definitely deserved their place in the film! We let you discover it all here.


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