Harry Maguire May Leave Manchester United After World Cup Performance


Harry Maguire may have to leave Manchester United due to his strong performances for England at the Qatar World Cup.

This, according to Sky, was reported by Dharmesh Sheth, who believes that although a move in winter is unlikely, Maguire may leave the Red Devils in the summer.

Speaking on the Sky Sports World Cup podcast, Sheth said: “I don’t see it happening in January, and there won’t be a men’s tournament in the summer.”

“I think Harry Maguire will stay at United at least until the summer.

“But if he’s in a position where he doesn’t get the football he wants and regular football, which maybe Gareth Southgate will look at and say, ‘You need to play regularly,’ I see that potentially something could happen next. summer.

“He’s the captain, and he’s not playing. If that doesn’t change, he is now aged and playing regularly in England, where he will need to play regular football for the first team.

United will also have to make a decision because they spent 80 million pounds on it. There’s no way in the world they’re going to get £80 million for Harry Maguire just because — I have nothing to do with his form, let’s leave that aside — but the fact that United will be willing to sell him will benefit him immediately. the price is lower anyway.

“I see that something could potentially happen in the summer, unless there is a sharp turnaround in the second half of the season when he gets more playing time.”

The defender has fallen out of favour at Old Trafford, and Rapahel Varane and Lisandro Martinez have created a fantastic partnership at the heart of Manchester United’s defence.

Even in the absence of Varane, there were several games in which Eric ten Hag preferred to start Victor Lindelof rather than his captain, since Maguire fell out of the hierarchy.

Before the start of the World Cup, fans and experts questioned Gareth Southgate’s decision to retain the trust of the former Leicester City player, but so far England’s defensive actions in this regard have been justified.

Maguire played very well in Qatar and is doing a good job of reminding people why Manchester United wanted to sign him in the first place.

But his problems at club level have not gone away, and although he shows excellent form on the international stage, he is unlikely to be able to oust Varane or Martinez from the preferred eleven of Ten Haga players.

Perhaps United would have done the right thing if they had moved their captain immediately after the World Cup, as his stock is currently as high as it has been since they signed him.

But, given Varane’s problems with recurring injuries and insufficient depth in defense, doing it without a replacement would be unwise for a team with such a busy schedule as the Red Devils.

The summer move looks, however. Away from Old Trafford, Maguire looks like a completely different player, and a transfer can suit all sides.

Replacing him with a young left—back might be a reasonable option for the team’s balance, as Lisandro Martinez is the only natural left-handed center forward in the team.


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