Harry Kane chooses destiny and the surprise is very fat


Harry Kane chooses destiny and the surprise is very fat! He leaves Tottenham.

Harry Kane is insistently linked to Real Madrid . Because Florentino Pérez has him on his wish list, and he has already tried to hire him in the past, although it has never been successful. First, because of Tottenham’s reluctance to negotiate the departure of its star player, and that is an idol for the fans. And second, because the English international was not considering leaving either.

He was very happy in London, in a project with aspirations, where he was the reference and the captain. And he fully trusted Mauricio Pochettino, the coach. However, this course, after being finalists in the Champions League, everything has worsened. To begin with, because a crisis of results caused the dismissal of the Argentine coach.

Something that did not do not a bit of grace to the ‘Hurricane’, and less, seeing his successor, José Mourinho. He has not finished making good friends with him, and, to top it off, things have not improved either. They are ninth in the Premier League, and everything indicates that they will be out of the maximum continental competition next year, for the first time in a long time.

Something that had caught the attention of Florentino, aware that Kane has an agreement with the ‘spurs’ to let him go in exchange for around 160 million euros. However, he has encountered the refusal of a Zinedine Zidane who sees him overrated, and who doubts his adaptation to Madrid, in addition, because of his worrisome injury history. Something that Manchester United has taken advantage of.

Because the ‘red devils’, who are fighting to enter the Champions League, would pay at a stroke for his transfer, financed by the sale of Paul Pogba, and put on the table an irreproachable salary of about 23 ‘kilos’ net. One option is to finish at Old Trafford, which is gaining a lot of strength.

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