Harry demands an apology from the royal family!


The story between Harry and the Crown does not seem over! Meghan Markle’s husband would indeed expect an apology from his family!

Harry and the royal family at odds to the end? While the Megxit created a first fracture, the Sussex interview with Oprah Winfrey broke the family … But alongside Meghan Markle, the prince does not want to let it go.


Because in the interview with the interview star, the Sussexes have not spared their families. Reception of Meghan, racism, arguments, depression: the prince and his wife gave all the details of their life … And even seemed desperate after the Megxit.

Prince Harry even added a very sad anecdote. A person of the royal family would indeed have asked for the color of the future little prince. Just to know if it will be “not too dark” … Something to shock everyone, starting with Meghan Markle.

These statements thus had the effect of a bomb in the United Kingdom. Since then, a “hunt” for the racist person of the royal family has taken place. Because this is a very serious accusation. Even the Queen decided to take ownership of the topic to sort out the issue.

US Weekly reports that Prince Harry has decided not to let go. Indeed, until Meghan Markle and her husband receive an apology from those involved, the quarrel will not end. A source even adds a layer.

“The problem with Harry is that he thinks he’s right and he doesn’t seem to want to get over it all,” a relative whispered to the American Weekly. A little harsh on Harry, but the rift seems very deep in the family.


The prince had indeed added during the interview that his father and brother no longer called him. While he just seems far away from Prince William, Harry on the other hand seems really at odds with his father, Prince Charles. A very gloomy atmosphere, so …

But from the United States, the Sussex couple will not let go. Meghan Markle has yet to digest her welcome to the royal family. And the question about Archie’s skin color completed the picture. It is therefore a question of showing the dissatisfaction of the couple.

Because the couple has pinned the whole family, Kate Middleton included. Recalling the episode of “Waity Katie”, “Katie Waiting”, the princess indeed showed how much she would have liked more support from her sister-in-law. But the criticism hurt William’s wife.

The mood therefore does not seem to be at all good, as Elizabeth II turns 95 on April 21. For the occasion, Meghan Markle and Harry are expected to return to London. The opportunity to strengthen ties … Or to demand an apology?


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