Harry and Meghan signed Rp 2.2 billion Netflix contract


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have reportedly agreed a contract for a reality show on Netflix. The deal is reportedly worth £ 112 million (around Rp.2.2 billion).

A source, quoted by the Mirror, Monday (28/9), the reality show that will reveal part of their lives. Although the couple previously insisted that they moved to the United States to avoid media outcry, word of this deal is increasingly spreading.

“They may have all the lofty ideas about producing epics that highlight environmental causes and poverty disparities, but Netflix clearly wants them,” said the source.

The source continued that the concept carried out was not an ordinary reality show, but rather a focus on Harry-Meghan’s charity work. In the process of filming, their activities will be followed for three months. It is not clear, however, whether filming was also taking place inside the luxury Montecito home, where they quietly moved in last July.

Majesty Magazine editor Ingrid Sew thought the idea seemed a bit bogus as Harry and Meghan claimed to have moved to California to get away from the media spotlight. Meanwhile, Public Relations Expert Mark Borkowski judged, however, that they were doing this on their own terms despite the possibility of controversy.

Netflix has confirmed that Harry and Meghan have a number of other projects in the works, including a nature documentary series and an animated show about inspiring women. The pair have previously been criticized after claiming they left Britain to stay away from the media spotlight.

Harry-Meghan announced that they wanted to leave England and move overseas. In fact, Meghan is known to retain US citizenship which is also in the spotlight. This is considered as an excuse so that he has the option to enter politics.


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