Harry and Meghan get criticism for Netflix reality show


Prince Harry and his wife Meghan had something to explain after the media reported that their deal with streaming giant Netflix included a reality show focused on their lives. The Sussex reported that they were fleeing Britain, mainly because of the ubiquitous media attention.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex signed an agreement with Netflix for 112 million pounds, ie about 3.3 billion crowns. On Sunday, according to the Mirror portal, there was a report that the opening of Harry and Meghan’s lives to the cameras was also part of the contract package.


Shortly afterwards, the Sussex issued a statement in which they denied the planned participation in the reality show. However, a report had previously appeared in the foreign media, referring to a spokesman for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, that he wanted to give a few fans a glimpse into their lives as part of an agreement with Netflix.

“They may have had these noble ideas for producing epics that point to environmental issues and social differences, but Netflix obviously wants their pound of meat,” a royal source quoted the Mirror portal as saying.


The concept was supposed to be tasteful and it was definitely not supposed to be a commercial reality show. The cameras were to monitor Sussexes in California for three months, during their charitable and day-to-day activities.

However, the idea was criticized. Piers Morgan, the moderator of Good Morning Britain, who likened Meghan to Kim Kardashian, also opposed. Morgan spared no sharp words, especially on Meghan, whom he called “Miss Privacy.”

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He blamed her in particular for the couple moving to the US to escape the British media. Shortly afterwards, however, he headed to Hollywood, where he signed a contract with Netflix, and suddenly he doesn’t mind exposing his life to cameras.


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