Harrison Ford’s Reaction to Mark Hamill’s Star Wars. The Impression of Him Is Going Viral And It’s a Big Comeback


There are popular movie franchises, and there are “Star Wars”. Generations of moviegoers have grown up with the galaxy far, far away, which has led to a huge number of fans. Although the universe includes shows, theme parks and spin-offs, for many it all goes back to the original George Lucas trilogy. A video about how Harrison Ford reacts to Mark Hamill’s impressions of him from “Star Wars” has recently gone viral, and it’s a great comeback.

The original Star Wars films were led by a trio of Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill, who got to know each other pretty well, bringing the space opera to life. The latest celebrity is an experienced voice actor, so it’s not surprising that he has a killer impression of Ford up his sleeve. The clip recently spread on Instagram, followed by a response from actor Han Solo. Check it out below,


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 I mean, how right is that? It is because of Mark Hamill’s vocal talent that many consider him the favorite Joker of all time, and his impression of Harrison Ford is both accurate and absolutely delightful. And it became even more pleasant after seeing the approval reaction of the actor Indiana Jones, after seeing the impression. Although the two actors haven’t shared a single scene in “The Force Awakens,” it’s clear that the love from “Star Wars” is real.

The memoirs presented in this collection are taken from the “Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon”, where the host interviewed Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford. And when the last actor was on the show, he showed that his colleague in the film makes a killer impression on him. And, given Hamill’s well-known career as a voice actor, smart money says that’s not the only impression he can make on a Star Wars co-star.

This type of content is why Mark Hamill continues to be such a beloved figure of Star Wars fans. In addition to reprising his role in The Mandalorian and the sequel trilogy, he also continues to be one of the franchise’s biggest fans. And Hamill keeps the excitement alive by communicating with fans online, which includes touching memories of the time when he was in a galaxy far, far away.

It should be interesting to see where Mark Hamill appears in the Star Wars franchise next. He’s kept fans on their toes over the years, with amazing voice roles and cameos as characters other than Luke Skywalker. Then his mind-blowing appearance in the season finale of “Mandalorian”, which was brought to life with the help of digital rejuvenation.

The future of Star Wars on the big screen remains a mystery; various projects have been announced, but no real steps forward have taken place. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie. “Star Wars” will continue to expand with shows on Disney+, such as Andor.


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