HarmonyOS: Huawei’s weapon against Android 2021


Huawei is ready to take a new step in the development of an operating system competing with Android, since the Chinese manufacturer is prevented from using the Google application ecosystem and may even be without platform updates.

As a replacement, the company plans to launch HarmonyOS for smartphones in 2021. The information was confirmed by the head of the consumer business division, Richard Yu, during an annual developer conference. In addition to political and commercial disputes over the operating system, Huawei also faces problems in the supply of components such as screens and chips.

HarmonyOS, called Hongmeng in China, was launched in August 2019. However, cell phones were left out of the first wave of releases: the operating system ended up being used before in smart screens, notebooks, watches and other devices.

Second level

Now, however, the Chinese manufacturer that is the current global leader in the smartphone market is ready to adopt the platform for good.

According to the Reuters news agency, a version 2.0 is in the final stages of development and a Beta version is expected to be released by December this year for developers.


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