HarmonyOS Has Already Reached Over 4 Million Developers


HarmonyOS, the operating system that not only Huawei but all brands can benefit from, is progressing quite efficiently according to statistics. According to the information, HarmonyOS already has over 4 million developers and 134,000 applications.

Last week, we shared with you what the HarmonyOS operating system, which came to remove Android and iOS operating systems from their long-standing thrones, and conveyed to you the innovations it offers outside of standard operating systems.

In our current news, we see the benefits of the solid steps taken by HarmonyOS. According to the shared information, this operating system already has 134,000 applications and over 4 million developers are working under the roof of this operating system.

With over 10 million users, Huawei says HarmonyOS is the third largest operating system

Huawei, which we thought was in the middle for a moment due to the tension between the countries, but misled us, seems to be able to attract users to its side with HarmonyOS. In the chart above, you can see how much growth has occurred over the years.

Of course, Huawei does not expect these numbers to increase on their own. The company announced the 2021 Huawei HMS (Huawei Mobile Services) Global Application Innovation competition. With this competition, developers will develop innovative applications based on Huawei Mobile Services.

Competitors from China, Europe, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa can participate in this competition. Although there is a full $ 1 million in the prize pool, Huawei will also offer awards from its own services such as cloud service and marketing support.

As we mentioned at the beginning, HarmonyOS already has more than 4 million developers and 134,000 applications. In addition, Huawei, which has managed to collect the likes of more and more people every day, let’s see if it can be an equivalent competitor to the existing iOS and Android with its new operating system.


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