HarmonyOS Broke A Record In The Number Of Downloads!


HarmonyOS operating system broke the record with the number of users it reached in two weeks. Huawei, whose access to Google Mobile Services and Android operating system was restricted due to sanctions, found the solution in the operating system it called HarmonyOS. Although the platform, which was officially introduced on June 2, draws attention with its similarity to the EMUI 11 interface, it is very different in essence. The testing phase of the new system, which will be the backbone of Huawei’s smartphones and tablets, continues.

Although it is still in beta and the full version is not available, users who have installed HarmonyOS 2.0 are satisfied with their situation. There was no reaction that it negatively affects daily use. It turned out that the fledgling operating system had crossed a critical threshold within two weeks.

HarmonyOS passed 10 million in two weeks

Aurora Mobile has released a report on HarmonyOS 2.0 covering June 2 to June 15, 2021. It revealed that the operating system surpassed 18 million users in just 14 days. Measuring both public beta and internal beta users, Aurora Mobile announced that open beta members numbered 15.514 million. He also reported that those who participated in the internal beta process made up 2.835 million. As of June 15, the total number of HarmonyOS users was 18.349 million.

The report noted that this number corresponds to 7.75 percent of Huawei users who were the first to get the chance to upgrade to HarmonyOS. In addition, 17.61 percent of those who upgraded their phones to the public beta version; It was announced that those who updated to the internal beta version also covered 1.91 percent. Commenting on the subject, Aurora Mobile stated that since June 15, the daily upgrade rate of HarmonyOS 2 has gradually increased.

Majority consists of young people

In the report, Aurora Mobile talked about the personal features of those who installed the HarmonyOS 2.0 operating system. He emphasized that 71.7% of the users are men and 28.3% are women. In addition, while it is recorded that 45 percent are between the ages of 16-25; It was revealed that 30.7 percent of them were between the ages of 26-35 and 20.4 percent were between the ages of 35-46. Thus, it was understood that approximately 96.9 percent of HarmonyOS 2 users are under the age of 46.

According to the report, which currently reveals the density rates of smartphones running HarmonyOS; Huawei Mate 30 series took the lead with 44.6 percent. It was followed by the Huawei P40 series with 30.6 percent. Huawei Mate 40 Pro followed with a rate of 15.7%. This statistic showed us that the operating system is mostly preferred in high-end models.


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