HarmonyOS 2 Arrives For Almost 100 Huawei Products


HarmonyOS 2: This Tuesday (24), Huawei released the new version of its proprietary operating system HarmonyOS 2 for almost 100 different models — including cell phones, tablets and watches. Unsurprisingly, the launch is already considered the biggest software update plan ever made, which will also comprise older devices, offering a “survival” for its use.

More specifically, the release of HarmonyOS 2 has reached 90 device models from Huawei and Honor. Among them, 56 are older devices from both companies, with some still in the internal testing phase and others already in the public beta stage of the operating system. In this context, only the brand’s high-end cell phones have the stable version for the public at the moment.

According to user reports, the new update renewed their old devices with greater performance and fluidity of use, in addition to presenting several improvements and new functions. In some cases, comments claimed that cell phones “worked as if they were new.”

Preliminary analysis indicates that HarmonyOS 2 has received significant improvements to the CPU/GPU storage and rendering system, effectively altering the way its operations work. After long periods of use, the performance degradation was also smaller when compared to other operating systems.

And it doesn’t stop there: in addition to adapting HarmonyOS 2 to so many models, Huawei is also constantly polishing and updating its operating system. Rumors indicate that the arrival of the 2.1 edition of the system is already close, being initially received by the top of the line P50.


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