HarmonyOS 2.0 introduced! Here are the features


Introducing its new ecosystem with the Huawei Developer Conference (HDC) held today, Huawei provided information about the HarmonyOS 2.0 features. Users will be able to access more devices with a single operating system.

HarmonyOS 2.0 introduced! Here are the features

Wanting to serve its users with an Apple-like ecosystem, Huawei wants to do more work on accessibility and sustainability with HarmonyOS 2.0. Thanks to the new operating system designed according to user needs, the user experience will be better.

With more than 13,000 API access, HarmonyOS application fremawork, Huawei DevEco, OpenArk compiler, the company will use the distributed virtual bus pool (Disturbeted Virtual Bus Pools) technology for devices.

With less than 10 ms latency, 2.4 Gbps data transfer and 30% less data loss, devices will experience a noticeable acceleration. In addition, the company, which has taken its multi-device support to the next level, stated that the devices will match each other quickly and that they can instantly prevent delays thanks to the newly developed system.

Huawei stated that they have increased the experience of data transfer between devices with distributed data management. He underlined that data transfer is one of the most remarkable HarmonyOS 2.0 features.

Thanks to the ability to read and write 4 times faster than the Samba protocol, 1.2 times faster search than the iOS Core Spotlight system, and the distributed database, a technology 1.3 times faster than ContentProvider was developed.

Users will experience secure communication with HarmonyOS

The company stated that thanks to the developed security system, communication between devices has become more secure.

Stating that kernel-level security has also been increased, the company underlined that IoT devices are more secure than other brands. Thanks to the firewall prepared for attacks from outside and the artificial intelligence system developed for attacks that will take place within the network, it will be difficult for malicious users to access devices.

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Stating that entering the HarmonyOS ecosystem has become easier, the company announced that developers can develop applications for 10 millions of devices thanks to open source systems. In addition, thanks to the 17 subsystems (Subsystem) and 134 code repositories (Code Repostories) that come with OpenHarmony, developers will be able to create their own systems for many devices.

The company stated that they will increase the distance education experience thanks to the innovation project called VIP kit. He underlined that with the data transfer that will take place between the tablet and the TV, the students will feel like they are studying in the classroom.

Thanks to the new feature developed by the company, users will be able to use their mobile devices as a game controller. He stated that they increase the user experience for games played with body movements.

Stating that employees have developed a new system for online meetings, the company aims to increase the user experience. Stating that features such as access to meetings with QR code, multi-screen support and instant note taking will increase the user experience thanks to the developed system, the company announced that the meetings will be more efficient.

The company stated that, thanks to the newly developed ecosystem, they will offer the opportunity to control the navigation feature on the smartphone via other wearable devices.


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