Harley Quinn’s Innermost Secret Redefines Her Relationship with the Joker


She may have spent years pining for the Joker, but a copy of Harley Quinn has shed light on how Harley really felt during those years when she was chasing the clown prince of the underworld.

For years after Harley was introduced to the DC universe, she was stuck in a toxic relationship with the Joker. Despite the abuse she was subjected to, both psychologically and physically, Harley often expressed confidence to others that deep down the Joker reciprocated her. However, she never found the affection she hoped for, and was trapped for so long that Harley Quinn broke up with the Joker forever. Since the clown broke up, Harley has had time to think about the years she spent chasing the Joker, and finally realize how much better she is without him.

But it turns out that Harley may have already had doubts when it came to her relationship with the Joker before they broke up for good. In Carl Kessel and Terry Dodson’s Harley Quinn #19, Harley made a clone of her after she made a deal to find a bride for a lonely Bizarro. The rough opposite of Superman gets exactly what he wanted, but Harley’s Bizarro is nowhere near as fun and charming as the original. “Queensarro”, as she is called, is cold, reasonable and cannot fail to diagnose the problems of everyone around her. Having dismantled Superman and Jimmy Olsen, Quinzarro turns his attention to his source material. Harley thinks her Bizarro is very tense, but Quinzarro is equally disappointed with her colleague, especially because she still loves the Joker. Quinsarro rebukes Harley, knowing that she still loves the Joker, despite how badly he treats her.

Harley may not like what she says, but unlike Bizarro Superman, Quinzarro has a logic that cannot be refuted. Most Bizarro clones usually have the values of the heroes and villains they are modeled after, even if it is difficult for them to express it. But Quinzarro has no problem explaining how Harley actually knows the Joker doesn’t love her, imagining the years Quinn stalked him in a whole new light.

Harley Quinn can do a lot of things, but she’s not stupid. Idealist and having a weak understanding of common sense, of course, but definitely not stupid. In more conscious moments, Harley could read other people and skillfully identify their weaknesses. Harley even diagnosed her with an obsession with the Joker years after their breakup. But this moment shows that Harley knew how to be self-contemplative while she was with the Joker, and had already come to understand how her Puddin really felt. It only makes the times when she was dating the Joker again a lot sadder. Although she knew the villain didn’t love her, Harley wanted it to be true and hoped that one day he would change. Fortunately, Harley Quinn was able to break the vicious circle and stopped messing with a cruel monster like the Joker.