Harley Quinn’s Father’s Day Message Is Fun


Father’s Day is a day when fathers of any origin, gender and penchant for bad jokes are celebrated, as well as patriarchs of fictional diversity. The fact is that the story of the slacker father is common in many stories, including Harley Quinn from DC. So it offers an interesting catch for the whole case.

This trend is reflected in the brilliant animated HBO Max movie about DC’s Harley Quinn, who never strikes on any issues. Therefore, it is not surprising that the titled cute villain himself offers a little sarcasm on this day of a million ties. Harley Quinn herself, still waiting for her next season, made a very distinctive Instagram post to celebrate the holiday, and it’s going hard.

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Posting a not-entirely-sincere message via the show’s official Instagram account, Harley’s character offered a few words that probably won’t be visible on any Hallmark cards, at least not on any that don’t have video game fathers on them. The post uses an image from the show itself of a text conversation seen after Harley goes home on a disastrously ill-fated visit with his family, a fitting summing up of the event with a ready-to-send “Dads Suuuuuuck. LOL». To add to this lovingly crafted post, the caption of the post reads: “Happy #FathersDay, hope your dads aren’t pieces of shit like mine!”

To be honest, the only thing out of character here is Harley’s self—censorship. Anyone who has seen the animated series about Harley Quinn knows perfectly well that excessively rude language is the least unpleasant aspect of the show. Between the saturation of bloody moments and a lot of adult topics, censorship at this moment seems almost ironic. But the irreconcilable approach is very consistent with the brand.

Harley Quinn has captured the hearts of viewers thanks to a number of factors, not the least of which is her eclectic voice, featuring talents such as Kaley Cuoco as Harley, and even new blood such as Harvey Guillen from “What We Do in the Shadows”, which is due to appear this season. 3. As a black comedy, it has earned its popularity thanks to a large amount of excessive cartoon violence, diluted with a truly hilarious script. But what really sets him apart is his amazingly soulful character moments, creating a cult that led not only to the upcoming third season, but even to a spin-off with the fan-favorite character Kite.

Congratulations to everyone celebrating Happy Father’s Day, and we hope that all fathers who are fans of Harley Quinn will be able to find many new jokes to pass the time while waiting for Season 3. It may not be exactly a family show. but it just means that dads from all over the world can enjoy themselves in the garage.

Harley Quinn is available for streaming on HBO Max, and the third season is scheduled to premiere in 2022.