Harley Quinn ve Kristen Stewart: Netflix


It seems that it was yesterday when the summer started and we began to leave the confinement, and this week we practically say goodbye in a summer period that has flown by. Not because it ends as a season – a month away-, but from September 1 there is always a feeling that everything begins. And to lend a hand we have the final batch of premieres for August 2020 on Netflix, HBO Spain, Movistar + and Amazon Prime Video.

A batch that has everything, including a marked geek accent: On Netflix we have the premiere of Secret Origins, the adaptation of the Spanish novel of the same name in which a detective and a comic shop owner must solve a series of crimes executed by a fan of superheroes, in a kind of mix of ‘Buddy movie’ USA and thriller a la Se7en. And Netflix also brings us Cobra Kai, one of the series – surprise of recent years that was born on YouTube and has been rescued by the VOD platform to give it more seasons, in which we see the protagonists and enemies of the mythical 80s Karate film Kid almost 40 years later.

Taking advantage of the DC Fandome hangover this weekend, Movistar + also premieres the iconoclast Birds of Prey or the Fantabulous Emancipation of Harley Quinn, which although it lacks cohesion at the script level -basically there are 2 films in one-, it is an irreverent and violent audiovisual joy with a Margot Robbie who was born to be a Harley Queen without a doubt, and who alone is worth it, as well as being a perfect film about what it is to overcome a toxic relationship as a couple.

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In addition to Underwater, an underwater sci-fi horror thriller ‘monster movie’ starring Kristen Stewart. Or the thriller Dark Waters, in which Mark Ruffalo (Avengers) faces as a lawyer a guilty corporation of having caused several deaths.


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