Harley Quinn Season 3 Poster Launches Chaotic Romance

The HBO Max animated series about Harley Quinn continues to amaze viewers, daring to ask such uncompromising questions as “why can’t murderous villains just fall in love and take a pleasant romantic trip?” Well, it looks like the upcoming 3rd season of the show wants to keep this trend going. But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean his trademark humor isn’t going anywhere.
The streaming service has just released a new poster ahead of Harley Quinn’s return later this month, and it sets the stage well enough for what’s coming next. After the previous season ended with Harley and Poison Ivy finally getting together in a characteristically over-the-top manner, many fans have spent the last couple of years begging to see where they go next. But although viewers will have to wait a little longer to find out what will happen next, the new poster should inspire many people with optimism.
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The poster is as useful and happy as possible, given that it puts some incredibly violent villains front and center. Kaley Cuoco’s Harley Quinn shares a romantic swing in a lush forest with her newly confirmed love Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), the latter of whom is wearing an extravagant floral pink dress. Looking at the image, you can see more fan-favorite characters, such as the Shark King (voiced by comedian Ron Funches), dutifully rocking lovebirds on a swing, while Alan Tudyk’s Clay-faced watches this with a typical excessive expression of joy.
Other characters on the poster include Bane Jaime Adomian, who looks out from behind the statue, confirming the return of one of the show’s funniest characters. Ivy’s plant friend Frank (JB Smoove) smokes something just below Bane, which raises a lot of existential questions. The background shows Diedrich Bader’s Batman and Christopher Meloni’s look at Commissioner Gordon, who is just standing there awkwardly. I think the school of superheroes and policemen did not take into account dynamic poses in their cases.
Harley Quinn attracts viewers not only with his pleasant artistic style and cheerful writing. It has bits of characters to back it all up, to the point that it even inspired an upcoming spin-off dedicated to Kiteman. In any other show, someone like the Snake Man would be relegated to a comic character, and although Harley Quinn basically does the same, he still became a fan favorite thanks to the masterful writing of the series, as well as excellent voice acting and directing.
All this, combined with the culmination of the romance between the already beloved characters Harley and Ivy, came together to take the already amazing show to a new level. Season 3 is close to the premiere, and the audience has many important moments that they are looking forward to, for example, the appearance of the star of “What we Do in the Shadows” Harvey Guillen in the role of Nightwing and even the animated debut of director James Gunn. So don’t worry about the content. Harley Quinn is fine.
The premiere of the third season of “Harley Quinn” will take place on July 28 on HBO Max.