Harley Quinn Season 3 Cast and Main Characters


An impressive ensemble of award-winning actors returns to play the colorful characters of Season 3 of Harley Quinn. In the last season of the HBO Max series, all the same voices are heard that viewers loved in the original cartoon for adults. At the same time, in the third season of Harley Quinn, several new characters appear, including the fan favorite Nightwing, in his version of the DC Comics universe.

In the third season of Harley Quinn, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy adapt to the idea of being “accomplices to a crime in every sense of the word.” This leads to an attack by foresters on Gotham City, which will make the world a better and greener place. Naturally, the couple meets resistance from both heroes and villains of Gotham.

Season 3 of Harley Quinn is as chaotic as its main character, and the series boasts a significant troupe of beloved DC comics characters who are not part of the main cast. As a result, the series featured several episodes dedicated to minor characters as they solve their own problems unrelated to the activities of Harley and Ivy. While some elements (such as the ridiculous feud between the Kite and the King of Condiments) often make it difficult to describe the storylines of the series, this esoteric aesthetic has also won the show loyal fans. Here’s a complete guide to the cast and characters of season 3 of Harley Quinn.

Kaley Cuoco as Harley Quinn and Kylie Kryptonite

A hopeless romantic, Dr. Harlin Quinzel has finally freed herself from the influence of her ex-boyfriend, the Joker, and has established a real partnership with her best friend and former patient Poison Ivy. In the third season of Harley Quinn, Harley tries (and largely fails) to curb his impulsive nature for the benefit of Ivy’s plan to save the environment. Kaley Cuoco, best known for playing Penny Hofstadter in The Big Bang Theory, voices both The Mischief Maiden and Kylie Kryptonite, an adult film actress who plays Harley in a well-shot film based on her romance with Ivy.

Lake Bell as Poison Ivy, Britney Bionic and Cheryl

Having just broken off her engagement to a Kite, Harley Quinn Season 3 literally brings Dr. Pamela Easley back to her roots with a plan to restore the devastated plant life in the world. Surprisingly, Poison Ivy’s biggest problem isn’t organizing her way around Harley’s efforts to help, but taking on an uncomfortable leadership role after years of doing her ecoterrorism alone. Lake Bell (who recently voiced the Black Widow in the Marvel movie “What If…?”) plays the Lady with Leaves, adult film actress Britney Bayonick and Cheryl, a long-suffering police department lieutenant.

James Adomian as Bane

Unlike the sinister figure who “broke the bat” in The Dark Knight Rises, DC’s Harley Quinn is seen as a joke by both hero and villain. Previously personable and outgoing, Harley Quinn in season three finds Bane angry and eager to get revenge on Harley and Ivy after they keep the pasta he bought Ivy and Kiteman as a wedding gift. Bane is voiced by James Adomain, who has voiced dozens of cartoon characters, including “Horse BoJack”, “American Dad” and “Oh, these Kids”.

Katie Eng as the Golden Glider

Golden Glider is a skateboarding-themed supervillain and a new love in the life of a Kite after his romance with Poison Ivy crashed and burned like an ill-built kite. Despite this, she unexpectedly became friends with Ivy after they became close due to their mutual aversion to gatherings of supervillains. Golden Glider is voiced by Katie Eng, best known for playing Lily Goldenblatt in the reboot of “Sex and the City” and just like that…

Ron Funches as the Shark King

Nanaue is a tech—savvy shark demigod and heir to an underwater kingdom. Despite his noble upbringing, he is probably the friendliest member of the Harley Quinn team, right up to the moment when he smells blood. The King Shark is voiced by Ron Funches, known for voicing Cooper in troll films.

James Gunn as himself

The only director to date to have made films for both the DCEU and the MCU, James Gunn is better known for his work as a screenwriter and director than for his acting work, although he did play the role of the diminishing hero Minute Man in an independent superhero comedy. Special ones that he also wrote. Gunn plays himself in the third season of Harley Quinn, arriving in Gotham City to oversee the production of a serious biopic based on the life and death of Thomas Wayne.

Chris Meloni as Commissioner Jim Gordon

Once the only honest cop in Gotham City, Jim Gordon spent most of the second season of “Harley Quinn” as the city’s sole peacemaker, battling alcoholism alongside supervillains threatening the city.


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