Harley Quinn Makes The Court of Owls A Lot Weirder Than the Comics


Warning: Below are SPOILERS for the third season of Harley Quinn.

The Court of Owls is usually presented as a serious secret society, but the third season of Harley Quinn turned them into a strange sex cult. This is par for the course for the HBO animated series Max, which revels in black humor and presents perverted views of the DC Comics multiverse. However, adapting “The Court of Owls”, Harley Quinn offered an episode that went even further than the episode “Gerogasm” in “Boys”.

Created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, the Court of Owls was a secret sect consisting of the richest families of Gotham City. It was believed that they had ruled from the shadows since the founding of the city, but were so good at covering their tracks that even Batman could not find evidence of their existence, except for a few dubious reports. The Court of Owls served as the main villains of the first two story arcs of Snyder and Capullo in the monthly Batman comic and quickly became one of the most popular new additions to the myths of Gotham City. They also continued to play a role in the history of Gotham in the second season and will play an important role in the upcoming series Gotham Knights.

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Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn sought the Court of Owls in Season 3 of Harley Quinn, episode 4, “Thief, Mole, Orgy”, after someone stole Frank’s Plant from Ivy’s lab and left evidence pointing to the Court of Owls. . They didn’t have much trouble getting into the next secret meeting of the Court, but they soon regretted it. Far from a Machiavellian organization with a vested interest in thwarting Ivy’s plans to terraform Gotham City, the Court of Owls turned out to be a glorified country club that was more interested in perverted sex in intricate masks than world domination. The demonstrated depravity disgusted even the barely prim Harley and Ivy, successfully making the already strange secret society even stranger than the source material of the comic.

Why Harley Quinn’s View of the Court of Owls Works So Well

Harley Quinn’s view of the Court of Owls is largely borrowed from films such as With eyes wide closed, which present a less impressive view of exclusive organizations. There are many conspiracy theories regarding groups such as the Hellfire Club and the secret satanic roles they supposedly play in shaping society. This conceit seems rather implausible, even if it is limited to one city, as in the case of the Court of Owls, and it is much more likely that such groups are more concerned with fundraising than collecting adu.

In addition to ridiculing the idea of sinister secret societies running the city, Harley Quinn also ridicules the idea that the Court is as exceptional as they claim. It turns out that the Joker was a participant, and Bruce Wayne and Catwoman were both among the visitors, although they left before the orgy began in earnest. The funny thing is that a parody of Tom Hardy from the TV series Bane attends a party wearing a Court of Owls mask over his usual Luchador mask. Through an avalanche of satire, Harley Quinn successfully pokes fun at one of the District of Columbia’s most vile but unintentionally funny organizations.

The third season of “Harley Quinn” airs Thursdays on HBO Max.


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