Harley-Davidson remembers the electric motorcycle


The manufacturer Harley-Davidson announced a recall of some models of the 2020 line of the electric motorcycle LiveWire, an old project of the brand that won the first generation last year.

The recall affects 1% of the models sold so far, manufactured between September 2019 and March 2020. The failure is a disruption of propulsion in the Onboard Charging (OBC) system, the technology that allows recharging the batteries of an electric motor , transferring the energy obtained from charging stations or outlets to the vehicle.

Upon failure, LiveWire simply shuts down while it is running and does not work again – sometimes without indicating what happened on the panel. The error of energy loss can cause accidents, as it leads to a fall in speed and distracts the pilot. The fix involves a software update made by the manufacturer itself.

The recall is only valid for the United States and started last Monday (19). Model owners who need to undergo maintenance have received an email notification from the manufacturer or dealer, but can contact the company directly for more information.

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