Harley-Davidson presents Serial 1 line of electric bikes


Famous on the motorcycle market, Harley-Davidson is also more or less in the electric bicycle segment. An independent subsidiary of the automaker this week announced the arrival of the Serial 1 line, ideal for various types of users in urban environments.

Altogether, there are four variants, according to your preference: RUSH / CTY (the base model), RUSH / CTY SPEED (reaching 45 km / h, instead of 32 km / h for the others), RUSH / CTY STEP -THRU (with small changes in design) and MOSH / CTY (the simplest, with cadenced speed).

All models have a very light magnesium frame and an engine capable of accelerating and helping to climb steeper streets, such as hillsides. They also have LED lights and a small panel with information for the cyclist, such as speed and battery life.

In the case of STEP-THRU and MOSH, there is a removable 529Wh battery that guarantees up to 144 km of autonomy and is fully recharged in 6.5 hours. The battery of the others is larger (706Wh) and has up to 115 km of autonomy.

The use of the name “CTY”, which indicates that the electric bicycle is intended for use in urban environments, opens space for the launch of models for trails and competitiveness.


Serial 1 models are available for pre-order, for the moment only for the United States and Germany. Prices range from US $ 3,999 (R $ 21.6 in direct currency conversion) for MOSH / CTY to US $ 4,999 (approximately R $ 27,000) on RUSH / CTY SPEED.

The launch is scheduled for March 2021, except in the case of CTY SPEED, which should arrive only in the middle of next year.

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