Harley-Davidson Launches Super Exclusive Electric Bike


Harley-Davidson: Serial 1, an electric bicycle manufacturer belonging to Harley-Davidson, announced the new 1-OFF series, consisting of several models of e-bikes that will have production limited to one unit each. The debut version of the line is the MOSH / CHOPPER, whose design was inspired by the 1960s.

Created by helicopter builders Warren Heir Jr. and Kendal Lutchman, the new electric bike from Harley-Davidson uses the same basic structure as other models of the brand, but brings significant changes in the look and accessories. One of the highlights is the banana seat supported by a custom stainless steel bar.

Available in blue, in a 1960s-style “Street Freak” paint job, the e-bike has high handlebars that provide a more comfortable ride, according to the manufacturer. 27.5-inch wheels, integrated front and rear lighting, hydraulic disc brakes and internally stored cables are other features of the model.

MOSH / CHOPPER has a 250W Brose S Mag electric motor, capable of reaching 25 km/h top speed. The removable battery did not have the specifications revealed, but its autonomy would be up to 185 km with a charge, according to Autoevolution.

online auction

As with future Harley-Davidson 1-OFF series electric bikes, the MOSH / CHOPPER will be marketed through an online auction. Those interested will have to shell out amounts much higher than those charged by the “conventional” versions of the brand’s e-bikes.

At the moment, the bid to acquire the only unit of MOSH / CHOPPER is at US$ 6,700, equivalent to R$ 35,400 at the current price.


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