Hargreaves is the Reason Umbrella Academy Can Beat the Sparrows


Reginald Hargreaves is the reason why Umbrella Academy can beat Sparrow Academy in the upcoming season of Umbrella Academy. The premiere of the third season of “Umbrella Academy” will take place on Netflix on June 22, starting from where the second season ended. In the second season of Umbrella Academy, the foster siblings are stuck in 1960s Dallas, again trying to prevent the coming apocalypse. Fortunately, they managed and even found a way to return home in 2019, but as a result of the fact that in the 60s they turned to their father’s younger self for help, Umbrella Academy inadvertently changed its fate and was replaced by Sparrow Academy.

As can be seen from the 1st and 2nd seasons of Umbrella Academy, Reginald Hargreaves (Colm Fiore) has never been a very caring father, using his strength and genius as an excuse for neglectful and abusive behavior towards his children. He accepted every member of Umbrella Academy because he wanted to form a team that would one day save the world, wanting their abilities and something else. Every member of Umbrella Academy has suffered at the hands of their father, albeit in different ways, depending on their talents. The training regime was tough and their upbringing was strict, which only proved how important it was for siblings to love and support each other, even if it took them a while to understand each other.

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The opening scene of the second season of Umbrella Academy ended with the Fifth (Aidan Gallagher) watching his brothers and sisters trying to repel the Russian invasion, just before a nuclear bomb hit Dallas and destroyed everything around. What’s interesting about this initial sequence is that it shows the true extent of each sibling’s power. For example, it is shown that Klaus (Robert Sheehan) can not only communicate with the dead, but also control their actions, and Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman) can manage multiple people at the same time. the power of rumors, and as a result, their heads will explode. This is more than Reginald Hargreaves or the Umbrella Academy siblings themselves ever thought possible, proving that Hargreaves’ absence-as well as his lack of restrictive training regimes and distrust of his students— will only make Umbrella Academy stronger and quite possibly stronger than Sparrow Academy.

Reginald Hargreaves’ education has only ever reached the lowest level of each child’s abilities. Klaus could communicate with the dead, but he was afraid of it, the Fifth could teleport with restrictions (and Hargreaves refused to teach him time travel, which is why he was stuck in the apocalypse alone for more than 40 years), and Victor (Elliot Page) was not even allowed to use his abilities, kept in check with a mixture of drugs, lies and social isolation. None of the members of Umbrella Academy have ever reached their full potential. This began to change only after Reginald’s death, and they found themselves in a difficult position, learning to use their abilities to the fullest to save not only the world, but also their brothers and sisters. Reginald’s strict influence prevented them from becoming the strongest personalities, and this vicious circle has probably been repeated now with Hargreaves’ interpretation of “Sparrows”. As a result, this could give Umbrella Academy a clear advantage and lead to them being able to defeat the Sparrows in the third season of Umbrella Academy.

Although Sparrows and Umbrella Academy have gone through different types of training due to their different abilities, there is a high probability that Umbrella Academy will have a better understanding of what they are capable of than Sparrows. Reginald Hargreaves’ influence as a father and scientist could prove detrimental to Sparrows in the long run, though viewers will have to wait for the third season of “Umbrella Academy” to be released on Netflix before they know exactly how “Umbrella Academy” may or may not cope. defeat the Sparrows.