Hardly Anyone Has Installed Windows 11, Says New Poll


Windows 11: Just under two months after its debut, Windows 11 still seems to face a high rate of “rejection” by Internet users, even though it is offered free of charge to users who already have Windows 10. The problem was investigated in a survey conducted by the company Lansweeper, specialized in the field of Information Technology, revealing in its results that the new operating system from Microsoft is present in less than 1% of the computers “interviewed”.

The data survey considered at least 10 million computers running both home and professional versions of Microsoft’s operating systems. Surprisingly, the result showed that Windows 11 appeared on only 0.21% of devices, lagging behind even other platforms considered obsolete, such as Windows XP (3.62%) and the infamous Windows 8 (0.95% ).

As the TechRadar website suggests, part of the problem can be explained by the numerous minimum requirements imposed by Microsoft, which end up excluding, at least officially, millions of “incompatible” computers around the world. Although it has a plausible justification, based on arguments related to user safety, the measure was not well received by the public, especially as it required the purchase of new components in the midst of a severe semiconductor supply crisis.

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To make the problem worse, the survey also found that at least 10% of users are still browsing platforms that Microsoft has discontinued, meaning that they no longer receive security updates. Among the most used are the Windows XP and Windows 7 sovereigns, beloved by fans, but without official support since 2014 and 2020, respectively — a factor that exposes computers to several serious cyber threats.