Hardcover Sin City Deluxe Gets A Huge Discount On Amazon Prime Days


Die-hard fans of Frank Miller’s “Sin City” can now switch to the Amazon Prime Day deal for the Deluxe Edition, which cuts the price of the graphic novel in half. The first issue of Sin City, at that time in a 13-issue run, was released in late spring 1991 as an inclusion in the Dark Horse Presents Fifth Anniversary Special. The series itself lasted until the beginning of the summer of 1992.

The iconic noir series has recently returned to prominence, and even Miller recently revisited the world of Sin City. The noir-filled narrative within the meaty narrative was enough to quickly conquer fans and critics, while winning several Eisner Awards. Long before the 2005 film adaptation, which Frank Miller himself shot with Robert Rodriguez (as well as the 2014 sequel “A Lady Worth Killing for”), the graphic novel was considered an instant classic. Thus, the success of the graphic novel prompted numerous reprints of Sin City in several new editions.

In honor of Amazon Prime Days (Amazon’s annual two-day event from July 12th to 13th, specifically designed for Prime members to get access to the newest and best deals), Amazon is releasing a Deluxe Edition for Frank Miller’s Sin City at the best price. possible. Usually, a collection worth $ 100 or more can now be bought at a much better price of $44.09. The collection includes a large glossy hardcover copy of the main graphic novel, a nine-page sketchbook with exclusive, never-before-published illustrations for development, covers and images from the pin-up gallery from previous issues, as well as new images from the pin-up gallery, a portfolio with new works of art. from Frank Miller and a fabric foil-embossed case.

Anyone who hopes to discover the contents of Sin City for the first time, or perhaps wants to rediscover it again and again, can look no further than what can be called the final version of Sin City. This is the most complete version of Sin City that you can only dream of. Everything that could have been included in this package is actually included in it, giving older fans a whole new insight into their favorite graphic novel, as well as new readers the most comprehensive guide to enjoying the creations of Sin City.

Without worrying about a three-digit price range that they can’t buy without going broke, the average buyer has found the perfect time to purchase a copy of Frank Miller’s Sin City in its fullest form, but they’d better act. quickly!