Hard disk blow to Huawei from the USA!


Another shock to Huawei, which has been in trouble with the USA in recent years. The US Senate gave an ultimatum to Seagate.


Huawei, which has been subjected to a serious embargo by the United States in recent years, may end its cooperation with the disc manufacturer Seagate this time.

The company, which was accused of “data theft” during the period of former US President Donald Trump and lost a great deal of power in its smartphones by losing its partnership with Google, may have trouble on the laptop side this time.

US Senate accuses Seagate of violation

The Science and Transportation Committee of the US Senate published a report claiming that the famous disk manufacturer Seagate ignored restrictions on shipping semiconductor components to Huawei in August 2020.

While it was stated that the information in the announced report includes hard disk drives, it was also shared that an ultimatum was given that Seagate should stop its shipments to Huawei.

For the growing external storage side, Huawei uses Seagate, Western Digital and Toshiba hard drives in its devices. In the report; Western Digital and Toshiba reportedly halted shipments following sanctions that prohibited US-based companies from selling some of their products to Huawei without a license. However, Seagate stated in 2020 that it does not believe it needs such a license for its hard drives.

While the report said Seagate officials confirmed that they did not apply for a sales license to Huawei in October 2021 and that they stopped sending hard drives to Huawei, it is not known exactly when shipments stopped. It also claims in the related document that Seagate made an unexpected profit by ignoring the sanctions against Huawei.

A Seagate official told The Wall Street Journal that the company “complies with all laws applicable to its business and operations, including export control regulations,” but declined to comment on Huawei.


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