Happy news from the Witcher series


Happy news came from the Witcher series. The second season filming was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The shooting of the second season was suspended when the Covid-19 cases started to come back to back on the set of the series.

Filming for season two of the Witcher series has resumed

The epidemic has already changed the shooting plans of the series this month. With the new quarantine measures in the UK, it meant moving to a controlled studio environment in London rather than continuing the footage in a rural setting in Yorkshire, as Henry Cavill confirmed in his recent Instagram post.

With the rise of the epidemic in March, filming was suspended and was postponed to August. Shooting, which started again in August, was suspended again due to Covid cases on set. Filming has resumed and there is no postponement for now. Season 2’s release is still set for 2021.


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