The happy life of Camila Cabello Without Shawn Mendes?


The singer broke the silence. Camila Cabello revealed some details of her intimate life and it was all the rage since she is rather reserved.

The Cuban-American singer , who is in England recording a Cinderella remake, was quoted by Vogue magazine to answer the famous 78-question questionnaire.

Some of the questions were about love and how she understands happiness, Cabello did not hesitate to answer.

For the former “Fifth Harmony” each person must work in their own way of being happy and added that no one else can do it for you, nor should you ever lose your smile.

The successful composer said in the interview: “You have to fight for her (happiness) (…) fight for our dreams,” Camila said, adding that “you only have one life and you are responsible for your happiness.”

Cabello revealed that this “great lesson” was learned since childhood thanks to her mother, who is also her best friend.

When Camila had to answer about love, her fans were surprised since she never mentioned Shawn Mendes, her boyfriend.


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