Happy Easter 2020 message for WhatsApp: 5 apps with phrases


Happy Easter 2020 message for WhatsApp is a good way to celebrate the date with friends without leaving home. Free apps for Android phones and iPhone (iOS) bring texts and images with phrases that can be sent directly through social networks or serve as inspiration for your own creations.

Among the options brought by the apps are Easter messages that are more religious or that bring the tradition of the bunny and chocolate eggs. Check out, in the list below, five mobile applications with Happy Easter 2020 message for WhatsApp.

1. Ready Messages, Status and Phrases
Ready Messages, Status and Phrases is an application for Android that brings several options of Easter Message 2020 to send on WhatsApp and other social networks. The app is divided into dozens of categories, one of which refers specifically to Easter. There are several options for religious texts or about the bunny, and you can tap on one of them to edit or copy the content.

When opening one of the texts, a share icon at the top of the screen allows you to send the Easter message directly to WhatsApp and other apps. Another button is used to create an image with the phrase, with options to include photos and other editing tools.

2. Mobile Ready Messages
Ready Messages for mobile is another app for Android that brings texts and messages from Easter 2020 to send on WhatsApp. The program has a category geared to the date, with texts that can be shared directly on the messenger or on other social networks, such as Facebook.

On the edit screen, you can copy the text or turn it into an Easter 2020 card in just a few steps. The app has tools that make it possible to insert a background, resize the text and even change the font.

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3. Images with Messages for WhatsApp
Images with Messages for WhatsApp is an application option for iPhone (iOS) users. The app does not have a specific category with Happy Easter 2020 messages, but it is possible to find images with religious texts or that can be associated with the commemorative date.

When you click on one of the images, sharing options appear. You can send directly via WhatsApp or other social networks, as well as save the photo in the gallery to send later. The Android version of this app has been extinguished.

4. Messages of love, affection and friendship
Messages of love, care and friendship is an app for Android that brings images with texts that can be sent as Easter 2020 messages on WhatsApp. The application does not have a specific category for the date, but it is possible to find the content easily through the search tool.

When searching for “Easter” or “Happy Easter”, the program shows cards, GIFs and other interesting images with the theme. After choosing an option, the Easter message can be sent via Facebook, WhatsApp and other social networks through the respective icons.

5. Phrases and Messages of Love
Love Phrases and Messages is an Android application suitable for the most romantic. With different texts for people in love, the app can be a source of inspiration to wish Happy Easter 2020 in a different way, although it does not bring a specific category for the date.

Some categories bring messages to mourn the distance, wish a good day or appreciate love. You can share directly to WhatsApp or copy the text to edit and transform it into a Happy Easter 2020 message.


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