Happy development from SpaceX for Starlink!


Elon Musk, who wanted to provide high quality and fast internet service at an affordable price, founded Starlink in line with this purpose. With the satellites to be sent to space, gigabit download and upload speeds will be achieved, while the prices of these packages will be quite affordable. 600 satellites have been sent so far for the project, which is still in its infancy. Now, SpaceX has begun to take the necessary steps for Starlink trials.

We have previously shared the speed of the internet used with Starlink satellites for you.

Starlink trials will begin in Alaska

SpaceX, responsible for the satellite launches, is preparing to test the Starlink network in Alaska, South Caroline, and the polar regions of Tennessee. Aiming to create a constellation in low Earth orbit, SpaceX has launched close to 600 satellites so far. When the project is completed, a total of 12,000 satellites are expected to be in orbit, depending on the situation.

Starlink trials, which will start in Alaska, will reach other states of the USA in the next stages. Proceeds from the Starlink project will be used to build super-heavy launch vehicles. It is expected that 17, 18 and 19 GHz spectra will be used for download and 28 and 29 GHz spectra will be used for upload in tests to be started in Alaska.

According to Starlink’s application to the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), the company wants to commercially launch its internet service later this year. Starlink, which has received wireless router approval for its internet service, plans to orbit at least 120 satellites every month.


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