What Happens in Your Brain When You Forgot Your Car’s Parking Lot?


Do you constantly forget where you parked your car? Researchers who wanted to find out what was behind this frustrating incident conducted an online research with over 400 participants. The results look quite interesting.

Imagine when you left the supermarket with heavy bags in your hands. When making plans to remove the key from your pocket, you suddenly forget where you parked your car. If you don’t know what your brain is experiencing at that moment, let’s examine the research on this topic together.

Psychologists at the University of York began research on this annoying incident. The researchers, who examined how the moments of the event came to be considered as a partial amnesia, faced the question: “When we forget, is the information in our memory completely lost or is it erased over time?”

Your memory may be playing small games for you:

Trying to find answers to the questions in his mind, the researchers decided to do an online study. This study, which included more than 400 participants between the ages of 18 and 35, produced interesting results. Our brain either completely forgets the specific positions we have in our memory or remembers it very clearly as it was first learned.

Co-author of the study on the problem of instant forgetting of the human brain, Dr. of the Psychology Department of York University. Aidan Horner said: “In our study, we tried to determine what information was lost in the forgetting moments of the human brain. According to the results we obtained, we encountered that we had difficulties in accessing the information in our memory in the moments of forgetting, but that our sensitivity in our information was not lost. ”

Stating that the issue of how we forget is important, Horner added that the act of forgetting actually helps our brain to make decision-making processes easy. The human brain, distracting and forgetting unnecessary information, wants to keep the basic information necessary to make decisions.

In online research, participants were asked to learn the locations of words on a circle. Afterwards, the participants were asked to remember the location of their chosen words and to mark them with the help of a pencil. It looks like you’ve chosen a place to park your car and then a little brainstorm about finding that place.

The answer to the question about whether the information in our memory has been erased over time or disappeared completely was reached as a result of testing the participants with different time intervals ranging from 10 minutes to 4 days. They revealed that people who forget their words cannot remember one more time, but those who remember can clearly show their places.


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