What could have happened if BTS had never debuted?


What could have happened if BTS had never debuted? There are many lessons that the Bangtan Boys have taught you … What would have happened if life had not united them?

The destination is capricious … but what would have happened if the boys in this group had not debuted ?

The impact that BTS has had is enormous, considering that they are the first group consolidated by Big Hit Entertainment and that the boys did not fall within the standard of other groups, they got to move the Korean music industry as it was known in his moment and has prompted others to pursue their dreams .

Since the project was announced , the boys put on the shirt and promoted this new strategy , sheltered by their company, their debut was published and they released the album ‘2 COOL 4 SKOOL’, on June 11, 2013 , with the single ‘ No More Dream’.

But in an alternate world, in another dimension, if the group made up of these 7 talented boys had not debuted , what would have happened? …

Knowing the personalities of each one of them they will surely follow their passion, of course apart from the musical one, since each one has their tastes very marked and they have commented on multiple occasions that they have more than one activity with which they are in love.


J-Hope , you would not have met one of the best dancers in the industry, because Hoseok would be giving body expression classes from one of the great academies of South Korea, along with Jimin , who has commented that he would be being a dance teacher modern or interpretive, not having been with BTS .

V , is a great lover of music and the boy with the unique voice would be in some orchestra playing the saxophone, presenting all his talent on stage but in a different way, or he would be a photographer who portrays wonderful moments.

Jin , the Hyung of BTS , would be showing her beautiful face on the screens, in Korean dramas, as one of its goals he was to become a great actor, who will take you to the many people of feelings through his papers, or great chef.

RM would not perceive his life without music, so he would be creating behind the scenes, like Suga , doing lyrics, musical arrangements and raps, taking his creativity to the whole world, but he has his ‘Godin’ side, because he has also commented that He would be a business boy, if he had not debuted in the group.

Suga , the BTS rapper would be a great architect or interior decorator, he has said that he loves those themes, since he is very creative, he is a person who with that impulse he has would be a recognized character in those areas.

Another aspect that he knows perfectly well is that of music production, perhaps he would have been a sound engineer, DJ or writer.

Jungkook , the youngest of BTS would be in the musical world with another group, being part of another project, he has also talked about that he likes sports, so he would be an athlete or being an actor.

As you can see, the Big Hit guys would be giving their best effort in different areas, but always aimed at the creative side.


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