Hanyo no Yashahime, the sequel to Inuyasha revealed his


Follow the story of new characters in Hanyo no Yashahime. It was recently revealed that a sequel to Inuyasha’s story was being worked on.

These rumors started when the designs of some of the characters made by Rumiko Takahashi were leaked and, although at the time it was not certain what kind of material they would give to fans, we now know that it is a new anime.

The title of this story is Hanyo no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogi Soshi and it will have the children of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru as protagonists, what adventures will these new characters lead us to live?

The first video teaser for Hanyo no Yashahime was recently released, bringing excitement to the fans of the story.

The trailer shows us small scenes that don’t reveal much about the plot, however it allows us to appreciate the main characters.

The similarity of the protagonists with Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru is undeniable but, contrary to how the relationship between their parents was, they seem to have a good bond and remain as allies.

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