Hannah Waddingham: Ted Lasso Season 3 will be Chaotic for Rebecca


Ted Lasso star Hannah Waddingham explains that the third season of the popular sports comedy will be chaotic for its heroine, Rebecca Welton. Based on a character originally conceived as a series of NBC Sports commercials, the Apple TV+ show follows Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis), who tries to manage the English football team AFC Richmond after a successful stint as coach of the American college football team. The series quickly won acclaim from both critics and fans thanks to a successful combination of culturally shocking humor, effective acting and inspiring drama.

At the beginning of the first season of the series “Ted Lasso”, Rebecca recovered from a public divorce from her ex-husband Rupert Mannion (Anthony Head). Out of spite, she hires a Lasso to sink her husband’s beloved team. However, she soon succumbs to his imperious magnetic charm and becomes friends with the American. In the second season, AFC Richmond is fighting for the championship (the league is lower than England’s), and Rebecca is looking for a romantic relationship. Through an anonymous dating app, she discovers an unexpected romance with Sam Obisanya (Tohib Jimo), one of the AFC Richmond players. Although at first she accepts a tangible chemistry with the player, she soon breaks up with Sam, as she understands the risks and negative social aspect of entering into a very personal relationship with a subordinate, which can eventually lead to a broken heart.

During a conversation with Deadline, Waddingham reveals that Ted Lasso’s Season 3 will be chaotic for Rebecca. Asked if she has any details about the upcoming season, the star explains that loyalty to AFC Richmond is Welton’s main focus, but teases that there is bedlam in the character’s personal life. Read what the actress says about her role in the third season below:

I would say that the main thing, and I am very happy to see it, is that she is much more about her team, and she is there with the team because she wants to be, and they are absolutely her boys, and woe to anyone who comes across them in any form – and I like it.

We know that her ex took over at West Ham, and he has Nate working there, which is even worse. She’s a tigress in general. But she’s just as chaotic in her life, which I love, because you can’t suddenly sort yourself out, can you? I want the audience to think, “What are you doing, girl?!”

Waddingham’s explanation that Rebecca’s attention will be primarily focused on the team implies that her dedication to the AFC Richmond organization may have caused her to neglect her personal commitments. With her ex-husband now the owner of a rival team, and her personal life stalled due to a breakup with Sam, Welton needs to focus on herself more than ever. However, with Ted Lasso’s season 3 ending the series, the overall uplifting tone of the show means there’s a good chance she’ll fill the void in her life by the finale.

In the series, Rebecca is portrayed as a character who is somewhat emotionally wounded but stubbornly determined when it comes to business. In the 3rd season of Ted Lasso, she will be in direct professional competition with her ex-husband, as AFC Richmond achieved promotion at the end of season 2. However, her personal life remains in limbo as she focuses on her responsibilities as the owner of a football club. Whether Welton’s personal chaos was successfully suppressed remains to be seen.