Hannah Gosselin teases her college plans while celebrating her 18th birthday: “I’m finally an adult!”


Everything has grown. More than a decade after the world first met her on Jon & Kate Plus 8, Hannah Gosselin is celebrating her 18th birthday and the launch of her new business with a party in Miami, Florida.

“I celebrated my 18th birthday by throwing a party at the Sugar Factory in South Beach Miami.” My dad [John Gosselin] made it all special by ordering a Rolls Royce to take me to the party. It was a little awkward getting in the car, but it made me feel special.”

Despite it being her big day, Hannah, who currently lives in Pennsylvania with her 45-year-old father and 18-year-old brother Collin, showered her friends with gifts at the party, which also served as a preview of her new cosmetics line Gosselin Girl. Beauty. “Not only were they able to try my new line, but I also gave them the cutest High-Low Hostess bags [from the famous party stylist Amanda Orso], which came with my rainforest elixirs and Strawberry and Watermelon serums,” she said. “We had the most amazing time at the beach.”

The launch of Gosselin Girl’s on May 10 was timed to coincide with Hannah’s 18th birthday and consisted of a line of serums, bath bombs and candles, as well as a small collection of accessories. “I seriously can’t wait! I decided to share all my favorite things with people,” the teenager explained her first release. “I also picked out some of my favorite flavors, like strawberry and watermelon.”

She continued, “I really love clean skin care, so the rainforest elixir and all my serums are great. I am also very happy to report that all my pipettes are 50 percent recycled plastic and, of course, vegan in origin and are not subjected to abuse. I just think we’ll need to contribute.”

After opening the Gosselin Girl online store, Hannah plans to study business after graduating from high school. “I have a wish list [of colleges], and I can say that all the schools are in Florida,” she teased us about her postgraduate education plans. “I’m so ready to graduate from high school. I’ve worked really hard to get to this place so that I can focus more on a career that I enjoy and I know I will love. Everything is going fine!”

Despite the fact that Hannah is very excited about moving to Florida and “full immersion” in student life, she admitted that she is a little afraid of moving from home and the absence of a father who could support her. “I think most teenagers wouldn’t say that, but I hope he moves to Florida too,” she said. “He’s really so much fun, and he’s helped me a lot in my business. I like to get his opinion on colors and fragrances, and he even uses facial products. But don’t tell him I said that!

In the summer of 2018, it became known that Hannah lives with John and her brother Collin. “I couldn’t feel happier [to have such a good relationship with my father],” the sextoplete shared with us. “We are so similar and really love spending time together. [Let’s] put it this way: we laugh a lot and rarely fight because he knows I’m always right.”

While her other siblings—Aaden, Joel, Leah and Alexis, 18, and older twin sisters Madeleine and Kara, 21-live in North Carolina with their mother Kate, Hannah hopes to celebrate her significant birthday with them. “Collin wasn’t invited to my girls’ weekend in Miami because he had his own plans… But we will have a family celebration separately,” she said.

In general, Hannah is ready to start a new chapter of her life as a college student, a business woman and an adult woman. “I’m really glad I turned 18 because I’m finally an adult,” she told Us. “This means that I can vote, start my own business and even travel out of state in my own car! Which I will do.”

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Let’s have fun!

Hannah Gosselin celebrated her 18th birthday with a “girly trip” to Florida, where she hopes to go to college next year.

Come in style

Hannah and her father arrived at the Miami sugar factory in a Rolls-Royce that John had rented for the occasion.

Flower Power

Hannah posed with her best friends in front of a flower wall that matched her orange dress.

Gorgeous, gorgeous girl

The birthday girl was smiling, posing with her father at the party.

Friends forever

Hannah invited four of her closest friends to join her at the celebration, which also served as the launch of her new business.

boss baby

Hannah launched Gosselin Girl Beauty, a line of clean skin care products and baths, on her 18th birthday.

What a gift

The high school student presented her friends with High-Low Hostess bags from the famous party stylist Amanda Orso, which contained rainforest elixirs for Gosselin girls, as well as strawberry and watermelon serums.

How sweet it is

“I’m really glad I turned 18, because I’m finally an adult!” Hannah told Us about reaching the milestone.