Hannah Brown talks about Brother Patrick’s upcoming wedding to Jed Vetta’s Ex Hayley Stevens, Family Trauma


Keep up with the Browns! Hannah Brown is preparing to attend her brother Patrick Brown’s upcoming wedding to Jed Wyatt’s ex-fiancee Hayley Stevens.

“I just want to support my brother, who continues to grow, and if they make each other happy, I’m happy for them.”

In December 2021, we confirmed that Patrick had proposed to Stevens. The couple started dating after Stevens was linked to Vyatt when he left to star in the 15th season of “The Bachelorette” in 2019. (Hannah broke up with Wyatt after learning about Stevens, but he claimed he didn’t have a “girlfriend” during the filming of the show.)

Hannah spoke candidly about her ups and downs with her brother in her memoirs in November 2021. In her upcoming magazine, she has tips to help her readers, including an excerpt about family dynamics.

“You can love your family and at the same time know that there are things that can provoke,” the former Miss Alabama told Us. “Since we love our family, we won’t say anything. Or as you said: “You can’t choose your family,” but how we grow up is so important to the patterns we’re in. [It might be useful] if you could write in words what your relationship is. it’s like with mom, or like with mom, or dad, or brothers and sisters, and then you can connect the dots of some patterns that you may have in your life.”

The “Dancing with the Stars” champion believes that therapy has also helped her grow.

“The more I went to therapy, the more I realized when I came home, for example, this anxiety that I don’t understand why it creeps up. Like, it’s not that I don’t love my family, but in every family something can annoy or upset,” Hannah continued. “[To] be able to actually set boundaries with your family, to be able to communicate better instead of continuing to build these walls, it’s really helpful. And, of course, I wanted to put this in my diary, because you can’t choose who your family is and what family you were born into, but you can choose how to communicate, and the boundaries that you set, and how you love each other and how you appear in your family”.

Hannah, who has been dating boyfriend Adam Woolard for more than a year, concluded: “I hope that these pages in the diary will really help, because we all have problems. Most of us have some kind of dysfunction in our family, and that’s what makes us all unique, and that’s something to celebrate, too.”