Hank Voight Wants This Character Position Under Threat!


On November 11, fans witnessed the changes that came with the season 8 premiere of Chicago P.D. which aired through the NBC network.

Let us remember that the new season of Chicago P.D., will develop a plot based on work towards transformation through police reform promoted by the new superintendent Samantha Miller.

As we know, Hank Voight is in the eye of the storm with the issue of police brutality. During the premiere of the eighth installment of Chicago P.D., Miller threatened the leader of the intelligence unit by telling her that she would not make it to Christmas with her work, if she did not adhere to the new rules related to “zero violence.”

Now, all Chicago P.D. They must be very attentive to the episode of November 18, because Hank Voight will be threatened again; And this time, it won’t be for Superintendent Samantha Miller.

It turns out that in the Chicago episode P.D. On NBC tonight, Sergeant Voight (Jason Beghe) will be confronted by the father of a suspect who is in custody while the intelligence unit commanded by the sergeant interrogates him.

In the new episode 2 of Chicago P.D. titled “White Knuckle”, you can see how the father of the suspect, a former influential officer, complains to Voight for the bad procedure that the sergeant is applying to question his son, and without the presence of a lawyer.

According to the exclusive preview offered by the TV Insider website, the threatening encounter between Voight and the detainee’s father is recounted:

“Your son is upstairs,” Voight tells the father, a former influential officer, after his son is implicated in a murder. But that’s the wrong thing to say. “Do you have it in a box?” the man asks. “Are you questioning my son without a lawyer while he’s high? Are you kidding me?” He demands to know why his son doesn’t have a lawyer present and warns Voight: “I’m going to have his badge.”

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It turns out that the former officer who represents the father of the murder suspect has knowledge of how Voight handles the procedures to obtain the information he needs and what illegal procedures he uses.

During the meeting, Deputy Superintendent Miller (Nicole Ari Parker) appears, who intervenes in the situation that arises in Chicago P.D. What we do not know is whether Miller will be able to calm the spirits of those who claim for the rights of her son. Thus, it can be seen in the exclusive video presented by TV Insider on its website.


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