Han So Hee Is Ready For Action In New My Name Teaser


My Name is the upcoming Netflix drama starring Han So Hee and a new teaser has left us speechless. If you’ve been wanting to see more of Han So Hee’s performances after Nevertheless, look forward to enjoying her talents as a powerful girl seeking revenge in Netflix’s upcoming K-Drama My Name.

A good actress always chooses characters that challenge her screen skills, and Han So Hee promises to put us on the edge of the seat with My Name, where she will play the brave Yoon Ji Woo.

The drama My Name centers on the life of Yoon Ji Woo, a girl who leaves her past behind and infiltrates the police to find out the identity of the people who were involved in her father’s death. Very intense!

In addition to Han So Hee, the Netflix production features a luxurious cast with Ahn Bo Hyun as Jeon Pil Do, who is a South Korean police detective. But what secrets does the story of My Name hide? The new teaser has all the answers.


Through YouTube, a new preview of the K-Drama My Name has been revealed, in the clip we can see Yoon Ji Woo witnessing the death of her father, guided by pain, she begins with her plan of revenge by approaching the boss of the Choi Moo Jin mob.

Choi Moo Jin tells our protagonist that those responsible are among the city policemen, so Han So Hee’s character says goodbye to her old self, taking on a new identity to clarify the matter of her father. Now it’s Oh Hye Jin!

But if you think that the protagonist of Nevertheless will have an easy way, no singers victory so quickly, since when she arrives at her new job as an infiltrator in the police she will be in charge of an investigation to finish off Choi Moo Jin.

Will they suspect her or will she betray Choi Moo Jin to achieve her goal? On October 15, we will find out all about the drama My Name. What do you think of Han So Hee’s new project?


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