Han So Hee talks about “The World of the Married” on “DAZED”


Han So Hee has talked about The World of the Married on DAZED . Han So Hee has given a photographic report to the famous DAZED magazine , where she spoke about her character in the JTBC drama The World of the Married. The drama has made history when it set a new audience record for a network drama.

Han So Hee commented on her character in The World of The Married:

“Since I have to understand Da Kyung thoroughly to portray her character well, I thought a lot about how to try to understand her. From my point of view, Da Kyung is a figure who has thrown both her body and heart for the love of Tae Oh (Park Hae Joon), so I decided to focus on that part. ”

“For Da Kyung, the keyword love comes before the word married man, but for viewers, the word married man exists before love. I think this is the difference in the way I understand what Da Kyung is and the way where viewers see Da Kyung. ”

On the roles that she wanted to assume in the future, she commented:

“Instead of extreme romance, I want to act in a realistic romance story. I want to act in a story where people of similar age have dates, problems are constantly solved if conflicts arise, and it ends with a happy ending. next time I hope my character is loved ”

Check out the images below:

Han So Hee The World of the Married DAZEDHan So Hee The World of the Married DAZED
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