Hamilton: “Winning titles is not important enough for me”


Six-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton doesn’t think scooping world titles is the most important

Six-time F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton insisted that winning the Formula 1 world titles for him wasn’t the most important thing to him.

Heavily involved in the fight against racism and discrimination in recent times, the Mercedes driver – who has already won six F1 titles and looks set to equal Michael Schumacher’s record of seven titles this year – thinks the most important for him is to send a message so that there is a real awareness in F1 and sport in general.

When asked if he’s trying to be much more than just a world champion in the premier class, Hamilton replies: “It’s not a will on my part, it’s not something I want. . »Lewis Hamilton told RTBF.

“In life, we all fight something. But in the end, we all try to figure out what our purpose in life is. Winning world titles isn’t important enough to me. ”

“It’s amazing, it’s an incredible opportunity, it’s a really great privilege to be here and win, but what does that mean? What do the numbers mean? Nothing, in my opinion. ”

“I’ve been here for so long, I’ve been in F1 for about 14 years, and the foundations on which the sport was built haven’t changed since. ”

“It’s still a male dominated sport, I’m one of the only riders of color. The colored riders in the sport can be counted on one hand. ”

“Be careful, I don’t think everyone is racist here, it’s more of a lack of awareness. ”

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“But we live in a time when we need to learn from what’s going on, and there is already a lot that has changed. ”

“Here in Belgium, I have heard about the statues that have been removed, and the change, the awareness that we are seeing in Belgium is incredible. Now is the time to change, to grow, to embrace our past and work together for a better future. ”

“Honestly, getting to Formula 1 was not easy. Insists Lewis Hamilton.

“It always comes back to these difficulties, these barriers, it’s more difficult for minorities to get there. ”

“If you ask someone of color what their parents told them as a kid, you have to work ten times harder in school than a classmate who is white. ”

“And it’s the same here! I have this responsibility. I must always give my all. I have to keep raising my level. “


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