Halsey transforms into a Sailor Scout


The singer became an anime heroine.

Halsey has respected social isolation due to the health crisis, although the singer has not given details on how she survives the quarantine, she shares some posts to amuse her fans.

The celeb , also known as Ashley, is characterized by having a striking and colorful personality under her Halsey aliases and it seems that free time gave her a magical inspiration to transform and get a new look in the kawaii style , we tell you the details.

Through her Instagram account, Halsey shared a photo of her new look, unlike many people who fall at leisure and cut or paint their hair on their own, the singer chose to wear wigs and some clothing to get the look perfect Sailor Moon.

In her post, she appears in a costume made up of a pink wig, military boots of the same color and the typical uniform that a Sailor Scout wears: a skirt and a sailor’s blouse. The celeb enjoyed this hobby, as it accompanied its publication with the message: “Things I do x 500”, apparently it was a kind of gamble.


Some fans found her similar to the famous “Rini”, or “Chibinusa” , the little daughter of “Serena” and “Darien”. Without a doubt, the singer could be inspired by anime and kawaii style for her next album, since her cosplay was perfect for her.

Quarantining has been difficult for everyone, but celebs try to entertain and encourage their fans through their posts to share their day to day, some have written new songs, perform concerts, but Halsey prefers to explore her closet and find fun ways. dressing up and changing her look.

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