Halsey Was Stalked During a Concert


The singer had to defend herself against this aggression.

Halsey is promoting her new album “Manic”, so the singer performed a concert to celebrate the release with her fans; However, not everything has gone as expected and recently suffered from the harassment of a fan in full presentation.

In the social networks a video was circulated where Halsey was in the middle of her presentation, the unfortunate thing was when a fan started shouting G-eazy, the name of the singer’s ex-boyfriend.

This did not please Halsey, who stopped the concert and showed her anger against the fan who was harassing her with someone who damaged her in the past. First she made a warning and finally decided to ask to be removed from the place. UNRWA! G-eazy was her partner a couple of years ago, but the rapper suffered from problems with harmful substances, apparently she was unfaithful and mistreated her.

The singer posted a message on her Instagram account after the incident and asked that you never let someone make you feel bad. Her fans also came out in her defense and apaluded that she had the courage to face her aggressor.


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