Halsey reveals how her ankle fractured

The New Jersey-born singer showed on her social media that she had injured one of her feet, but it was only recently that Halsey confessed what quarantine activities led to her getting an ankle fracture.

Halsey met Capital FM online for an interview, but the radio station’s drivers announced that they wanted to ask him what had happened to his foot before beginning the talk.

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Faced with this questioning, Halsey indicated that he was at home trying to fill his dishwasher when the accident happened, his kitchen floor was wet so he could not avoid the injury.

The girl found it funny that while she was on tour she did not suffer any incident but instead, staying at home ended with a broken ankle. Fortunately, Halsey will have a free season to recover from his injury before returning to normal activities.

Check out a snippet from the conversation where Halsey explains his injury:


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