Halsey confirms dating Evan Peters and scares Ellen Degeneres show


Halsey was the latest victim of host Ellen Degeneres pranks. On her talk show, Ellen has the habit of scare celebrities and the singer of “clementine” fell straight.

The conversation went well. Halsey and Ellen were talking about the success of “Boy With Luv,” her partnership with BTS, about the fantasies of their Halloween charity party and when the talk was about to enter the star’s new boyfriend … SCUBA! Watch:

The new boyfriend of the singer is Evan Peters, actor of “American Horror Story” and franchise “X-Men”. In the three films he attended – “X-Men: Days of a Forgotten Future” (2014), “X-Men: Apocalypse” (2016), “X-Men: Black Phoenix” (2019) – he plays Peter or Mercury (Quicksilver)

The end of 2019 will also be a lot of work for Halsey. It’s time to promote the album “Manic”, which is due for release on January 17th.

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