Halolive Star Khakas Baels Explains Why VTubers Cannot Share Information About Cooperation in Advance


Hololive star Hakos Baels spoke about the recent collaboration of the VTuber agency in Japan, saying that the element of surprise is present for a reason. These events are fraught with security risks, so talents cannot risk telling people their location in advance.

The English talents of Hololive shocked fans when one by one they announced their arrival at the agency’s home base in Japan, participating in a variety of non-collaborations (offline collaborations) and special performances.

Regardless of whether they were from Myth, Council or an individual IRyS star, everyone was involved in the action. Mori Calliope even escaped the fact that graduate Tsukumo Sana was in town, although not on official Hololive business, given her departure.

The fact that it was a surprise disappointed some viewers who were hoping for a little more hype and hype about this case.

The board of VTuber Hakos Baelz revealed this fact live, trying to nip speculation in the bud and establish the basic rules for future offline cooperation.: “We need to talk about something serious… It’s not really serious, I’m just doing a big thing.” outside of that. But I want to clarify something with you guys.

“I noticed that some viewers were upset by the fact that we didn’t tell you that we were coming to Japan, and that we unexpectedly surprised you guys outside of the collaboration.

“Although I understand that you would like to warn, we physically can’t say anything. We can’t.”

The reason for this is simple. The people behind every Hololive talent should be private individuals. If they had shared the information publicly before the start of the trip, there would have been an obvious risk of being surrounded by fans upon arrival or worse.

This is a chance that Hololive and Hakos Baelz will never take.

“For those who are watching me, I just want you to know, I will never tell you guys in advance if I’m going somewhere, obviously for security reasons. Just don’t ever expect that from me. I can tell you about the plans for the year ahead, for example: “I want to come here this year,” but I would never tell you, “I have a flight tomorrow.” Okay?”

Having established the basic rules for future cooperation, Bae thanked the fans for supporting the first broadcasts and promised even more excellent work from Japan in the future.

“I’m also really glad that all of you guys enjoyed the off-club, and that’s something I wanted to clarify before we move on.

“I may stay in Japan for a long time. I’m going back [home], but I’m staying here for quite a bit of time.”


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