Halo: Master Chief Collection will be added this year


The compilation of the entire history of the Master Chief until the fourth installment of the saga will finally allow cross-platform play.

A great year for the Master Chief, the protagonist of all the stories of the Halo saga. 343 Industries works tirelessly on the new chapter for Xbox One, PC, and Xbox Game Pass, Halo Infinite. At the same time, the studio is adapting all Halo: The Master Chief Collection installments to PC. The North American developer has updated the website where it announces the news of all the products based on the saga, and one of the most interesting points is that the crossplay function between platforms is planned for 2020.

They do not specify a more specific date, but they also share other news that are planned for this year. Among them is the possibility of selecting the region or linking the account with Steam. This last move occurs at the right moment when Phil Spencer, the head of the Xbox division, has made a new nod to the PC community. The manager wanted to directly thank the players for the support they have given them on this platform. Although he acknowledges that there is still work to do, the reception on Steam and on the Xbox Game Pass on PC is being satisfactory.

Staggered release

Halo: The Master Chief Collection was initially released exclusively for Xbox One. However, with the change of leadership (Don Mattrick was replaced by Phil Spencer), those of Redmond decided to adapt the compilation also to compatible. To keep things running smoothly, they opted for a staggered launch. In this way, Halo Reach came out first and then the rest, until the third installment. The launch of the expansion and Halo 4 is ahead.

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At the same time, 343 Industries is preparing to release Halo Infinite, a title that will go on sale later this year and is slated for Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. How could it be otherwise, it will be ready on Xbox Game Pass from the first day.


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