Halo Infinity distributes bonuses to free experience and much more to some players


When 343 Industries released Halo Infinite Season 2, many owners of the Premium Season 1 combat pass lost one test slot, which reduced their potential experience per hour, and fans rushed to express their dissatisfaction. Now, because of this bug, Halo Infinite is giving away experience bonuses and test exchanges for some players for free.

The company 343 Industries has solved the problem faced by many Halo Infinite fans who lost the test slot for the first Premium combat pass during the transition to Season 2: Lone Wolves. Since Halo Infinite players could continue to pass the Season 1 battle pass after the release of Lone Wolves, many players have missed out on this little extra experience since the live service game appeared in Season 2. The progression levels offered by each battle pass and this bug fix will allow Halo Infinite players to receive the appropriate challenge slots and may be eligible for free gifts for those missed so far.

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Shortly after the launch of Halo Infinite Season 2, 343 Industries confirmed that they were aware of a battle pass bug affecting the premium levels of the first season, but the fix was released with a recent update. Owners of the Halo Infinite Season 1 Premium Battle Pass who played the game from May 3 to August 9 will receive 20 test exchanges and 10 consumables to enhance the experience when entering 343 Industries FPS. Combining the two free bonuses should allow players who have had a problem with the challenge slot since the launch of Season 2 to catch up on the battle pass levels, provided that they maximize the potential experience gain.

XP Boost Consumables allow Halo Infinite players to earn more experience for things like completing multiplayer challenges and matches, while Challenge Swaps allows players to trade one challenge for another random one. The more challenges available to Halo Infinite players, the more experience they will earn while XP enhancement is active, and the return of the fourth challenge slot will further increase the potential benefits for players who earned much less at the beginning of Season 2. Because the Company 343 Industries has fixed this permanent error of the 1st season. It can be fixed in such a way that the owners of the Season 2 battle pass will not be affected in the same way when the game moves to season 3.

While many players have turned to bug fixes and award announcements to express their enthusiasm for the solution and additional XP boosters, others have expressed their own dissatisfactions with the game, such as the known issues with the Halo Infinite out of sync, the missing co-op campaign, the minimum rank. playlist selection and much more. One Halo Infinite player noted that with the new XP Boost consumables coming out, they have over 100 to use in the current or future seasons, while others lamented how long this bug has been interfering with their multiplayer mode.

Halo Infinite is already available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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