Halo Infinite: “Xbox mascot” according to Phil Spencer


The character has left his mark on Internet users and has not stopped appearing in various montages on the network. With a lot of humor. This is how Microsoft has taken the reaction of the Internet to Craig, one of the Brute enemies of Halo Infinite.

When the character first came out, the network immediately noticed his appearance, which is why it didn’t take long for him to become a meme. With the speed with which these events usually happen, the ungraceful creature is now one of the iconic characters in the new 343 Industries play. Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox division, has not hesitated to call him the new mascot of the brand.

He did so in response to a Twitter follower, who asked him about his opinion on the matter. “Our new official mascot,” he says with a smiling emoticon. “I love the community and their ability to grab something fun and get on with it.” Despite the jokes, in the background there is a sincere criticism of the graphics of Halo Infinite, one of the themes that has resonated the most since its presentation at the Xbox Games Showcase 2020, the digital event in which future games were presented of the platform.

343 Industries, meanwhile, has spoken publicly and confirmed that they have heard the feedback and criticism received for the visual appearance of the title. The developer, in charge of the Halo saga since Bungie’s farewell, has assured that they are working to improve the graphic aspect of their production. “We have work ahead of us to address some of these areas and to be able to raise the level of fidelity and the overall presentation of the end game.”

Multiplayer will be free-to-play

Microsoft’s commitment to the new adventure of the Master Chief is total, but they have conceived the product as a service-game. In that sense, after the rumors spread through the network, the North American company has officially confirmed that the multiplayer will work under a free-to-play model. “Halo is for everyone,” they revealed in an official statement on Twitter. Additionally, they uncovered that the game would run at 120 fps on Xbox Series X.

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Halo Infinite will go on sale later this year across the Xbox ecosystem – Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC. It will also be available from day 1 on Game Pass.


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